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If you see the price $00.00 it means I no longer carry that item. Thank you for your business through the years. Best wishes in your teaching.


SWR Core Kit


You Can Do It! DVD


Spell to Write and Read Core Kit includes 5 items:

Spell to Write and Read teacher’s manual

WISE Guide for Spelling
Phonogram Cards
Spelling Rule Cards
Phonogram CD.

Scroll down to separately purchase these items:

Primary Learning Log (K-2nd grade) or a

Black Learning Log (3rd grade and up.)

The DVD, You CAN Do It!-Spell to Write and Read, features Endorsed SWR Trainer, Britta McColl, teaching her own children in her home with SWR.  This is a fast-paced, intimate look at SWR, gives you the confidence and ability to get started teaching SWR to your children.

Chapter markers make it easy to review the activities over and over again, and the up-close filming enables you to see what the children and the teacher are writing.  See a preview here.


It focuses on:

* How to teach SWR with multiple ages,

* Beginning handwriting skills,

* Games to teach the phonograms,

* How to do a phonogram quiz,

* The dictation process for both single syllable words, and multi syllable words using “fingergrams or finger spelling”. 

Primary Learning Log


The Primary Learning Log is for grades K - 2nd.

Black Learning Log


The Black Learning Log is for grades 3rd and up.

The Black Learning Log has the same convenience of pre-formatted pages as in the primary log, but with college ruled spacing.

Phonogram Bingo


Phonogram Bingo is a simple and fun way to learn all 70 basic phonograms.

You will get 14 BINGO CARDS printed on high quality card stock paper.

How to Play:

You, the teacher, say all the sounds of each phonogram, the child echoes you, then she puts a marker on the correct phonogram. You can use edible markers like carrot rounds or M&Ms. When the game is over the child can eat the markers!

SWR Sandpaper Letters


The SWR Sandpaper Letters are an optional tactile aid to help teach children how to write the English alphabet in cursive.  SWR Cursive Sandpaper Letters have guidelines, a starting point at the base line, a red stopping point at 2 o'clock on the clock letters. The base for each letter is a 5" x 3" piece of pine with a white top finish. The letters themselves are color coded. The vowels are blue and the consonants are green.



The McCall-Crabbs Reading Comprehension  A-E text books are painless learning and teaching. There is a short paragraph to be read by your student followed by ten multiple choice questions. The selections not only "test" reading comprehension, they "improve" reading comprehension.

Book A in this set has 78 readings and is geared to the average 2nd grader, but could be used by a younger or older child depending on their ability. Book B with 78 readings is geared to the average 3rd grader, and so on. An upper elementary aged child is reading the exercises in Book E which measures all the way up to post-college level reading comprehension.

5 Volumes in one sturdy hardback binding.

Includes answer key.

McCall-Crabbs Answer Key

The McCall-Crabbs Answer Key accompanies the McCall Crabbs A-E text and gives instructors help in using the book along with answers to each lesson.

If you have placed the McCall-Crabbs book (above) in your shopping cart, it comes with this answer key, and you do not need to make this additional purchase.



The McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Primary Reading is a non-consumable collection of 30 different, interesting and amusing one-page stories for the primary years. Use this book as a tool to build listening and comprehension skills and to prepare your student for McCall-Crabbs Reading Comprehension tests.

When my children are in kindergarten to first grade I start by reading these stories aloud to them and giving them a page with a column of ten “yes/ no” to circle the correct answer.  When they are confident in their reading and the format of this book, I let them read the paragraph themselves and circle the answer “yes or no” themselves.  These simple readings do not need to be timed.  The children should read them at their leisure.

Answer Key included.

Stetro Pencil Grips


Stetro Pencil Grip fits on a traditional pencil and is often used with students who are holding their pencil awkwardly. It is as if they put a piece of clay on a pencil and then had someone put their three fingers in correct pencil position and made a mold of it. There is no way to hold a pencil incorrectly with this type of Stetro Grip.

The grip can be used with either a right handed or left handed student and helps position the fingers around the writing instrument in the correct tripod grip. Stetro Grips are latex free. Instructions are included.

The Stetro Pencil Grip is recommended in Cursive First.

A pack of 5 different colored Stetro grips comes in this set along with an instruction sheet.

Cursive First


The Cursive First set contains a teacher's manual, practice sheets, and cursive phonogram cards. The practice sheets can be copied as needed for all the students in your family or classroom. Cursive First can be used with a beginner just learning how to write or with an older student who is transitioning to cursive.

While Cursive First was written to coordinate with Spell to Write and Read, many teachers using other phonics or reading programs are discovering the benefits of this penmanship method and are using it along with their other curricula.

Alpha List


The Alpha List is an alphabetic listing which analyzes 2300 high-frequency words and/or commonly misspelled words including all 2000 words in The WISE Guide plus 300 highly used proper nouns. Each word is divided into syllables and marked with SWR markings. Related rules are cited, common derivatives listed, points of interest noted, and cross reference is made to their location in the WISE Guide. A typical dictionary shows how to spell a word but not why it's spelled that way. The Alpha List is not restricted to users of SWR. Our marking system is summarized and our rules are provided. If a child misspells a word, now you can have a resource to successfully explain it phonetically.

Hidden Secrets -  DVD

Hidden Secrets to Language Success - DVD

Wanda Sanseri’s new DVD gives you a visual aid demonstrating the secrets to language success as taught in Spell to Write and Read. In this 2 disc DVD set you will witness Wanda interacting with children of various age as well as parents and educators. Each disc contains approximately 2 hours of instruction.

The first volume was taken in a home setting with children of multiple ages and ability levels. The second volume was taken in one of her actual seminars.  

Wanda explains issues that teachers find especially bothersome like addressing the Y in words like "baby." She touches on numerous reference pages and all 12 of the extra attention “think to spell” situations.

Phonogram Game Cards $00.00

Phonogram Game Cards by Wanda Sanseri

Play the memory game using a set of white "book face" game cards and a set of yellow "cursive" game cards. Cards can also be used with any favorite game board.

Up, Over, and Out


I Can Run! by Wanda Sanseri

A Beginning Grammar Reader:  Book 1

Each page has a sentence or two made up of early words taught in WISE Guide. The student reads the sentence and then draws a picture to show that he understands the meaning. Next the student is gently exposed to a basic grammar concept. In book one, the teacher is given questions to guide the child to find the simple subject and verb. A line is provided where the student can write these words as directed. A vertical line bisects it.

The New England Primer  $00.00

Up, Over, and Out by Wanda Sanseri

A Beginning Grammar Reader:  Book 2

Prepositions. In this book students will read and illustrate sentences about pets using words from Wise List A-H. They will also diagram the preposition/object in each sentence. Wanda field-tested the grammar readers with students of various ages. The children were all delighted with them and learned to identify prepositions with ease. A teacher reports, "My daughter loves drawing the pictures."

One feature that made The New England Primer the most popular reader of its day is a great syllabary (a list of words divided into syllables). Throughout the reader we find Christian themes including the famous prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep."

A famous portion from the original primer: the ABC's taught with rhyme and illustrated with enduring woodcut drawings. Beautiful, hard cover edition re typeset in larger print and formatted for modern readers.

Wanda Sanseri also added a selection of easy reading selections made up of beginning spelling words in SWR.  Many use this book as a first reader. One mom wrote that her son went to sleep clutching this book, the first he ever read.

I Can Run


SWR Companion CD’s $00.00

Play By the Sea by Wanda Sanseri

Book 1 in the
SWR Beginning Reader Series

Written for students who have completed Wise Guide Spelling Section I-1.

This book contains all 120 of the words in Spelling Sections A-F in
Wise Guide with an additional twenty-three words.

Play by the Sea has a lyrical quality and clear word pictures.  This simple story has interesting graphics, worthwhile instruction, strong family values, and even a touch of humor. Discussion questions are provided at the end as well as some activities that can be done with this book. In the inside front cover a box is headed, "I have successfully read this book by myself!" This can be an early reading experience to cherish.

Let’s Play, “I See!”


Let’s Play, “I See!” by Wanda Sanseri

Book 2 in the
SWR Beginning Reader Series.

Let's Play "I See!" checks the student's comprehension in a fun manner. The student reads a series of questions like a detective searching for the answer. The questions move from general to more specific. Can the student identify on his own the pet or person or thing that the author describes? This book does not prompt wild guessing based on picture clues. The word answer and a companion picture cannot be seen until he turns the page. The student captures the meaning from the text alone. The illustrations are a fun reward for the "right answer."

SWR Companion CD’s by Jennifer Schroeder.

Jennifer recorded all the spelling words in the WISE Guide onto CDs for her children to review on their own. This aid has been a great success for their family.

A case of six CDs includes a quiz for each set of twenty the spelling words in WISE Guide and all eight of the spelling diagnostic tests in SWR. A highly recommended professional production which can be a time-saving aid to regular review of the words already taught by dictation. But not to be used as a replacement for dictation, which is the heart of SWR.

Clock Stamp


Clock Stamp

Recommended for teaching manuscript or cursive writing of the "clock letters".

Also helpful for teaching students to tell time. Stamped image size is 1 3/4 inches.

To see this in action:

Link to my DVD, You CAN Do It- SWR at You Tube.

Play By the Sea


Set of two Red Colored Pencils with Erasers.

Used for spelling markings on the reference pages of learning logs in Spell to Write and Read. These pencils have a nice rich red color and excellent eraser.

Red Colored Pencils


Large Clock Face


Large Clock Face on 11 X 17 Paper is a replication of the very same clock that I used to teach my children to form all the clock letters in cursive with large motor movement. It is the same clock face that you see on my DVD-You CAN Do It-SWR!

The clock is placed on a baseline with a large dot as a starting point. This gives the child the orientation of a baseline and will be a big help when they start writing letters with pencil onto paper. 

To see this in action:

Link to my DVD, You CAN Do It- SWR at You Tube.

Wise Guide Worksheets A-M

The Wise Guide Enrichment Activities Worksheets now make the powerful reinforcement ideas from The Wise Guide available in an easy-to-use format for any teacher. Students practice their spelling words in a variety of meaningful lessons that build vocabulary and connect spelling with the grammar and language in which they are found.

The Teacher Edition in this book provides answer keys, instructional tips, and ideas for how to use and modify the lessons. Instructions for teaching grammar and writing are included for the teacher that needs help in these areas.

The Student Edition on the enclosed CD includes worksheets for all of the lessons found in The Wise Guide and more, ready for the teacher to select and print.

Order one per teacher.

Wise Guide Worksheets A- M


The ABC’s and All Their Tricks


The ABC’s and All Their Tricks by Margaret M. Bishop is an invaluable encyclopedia of phonics that gives easy to find listings of words representing each of our phonograms and their sounds.

My Wise Grammar by Nicole Cull

While teaching in a second grade classroom, author and Endorsed SWR Trainer, Nicole Cull found little time to help the children set up their assignments for the valuable WISE Guide reinforcement activities. She put together ready-made worksheets so the children could work independently on these great enrichment ideas.

Each worksheet is coded so you'll know which WISE List section it coordinates, and at least one worksheet for each section includes a segment for a phonogram quiz so you won't forget this important review.

My WISE Grammar Book consists of two packets, each covering different sections of the WISE List.

Lists A-K cover material for K-2nd Grade while Lists L-O cover spelling words for 2nd through 3rd grades.

My Wise A-K


My Wise L-O


My Wise A-O



The Spelling Word Bank helps provide spelling review, practice with alphabetizing, and a meaningful activity for penmanship practice, independent work, and phonogram reinforcement. See page 8 in The WISE Guide for an explanation of a similar activity.

This little packet provides you with instructions and masters for setting up a Word Bank binder for your student(s). The masters are reproducible, so you only need one packet per family or classroom. You provide your own binder, the alphabetical dividers, and copies of the masters.

Advanced Phonogram Cards


Advanced Phonogram Cards by Silvia Mondragon

In Wist List N, we start teaching the Advanced Phonograms. These hard stock flash cards were designed by Silvia Mondragon, Endorsed SWR Trainer from TN, for teaching ease with these more rare phonograms.

This packet includes cards for the 24 advanced phonograms on the front, while on the back invaluable background and teaching cues are listed.

Also included is an overview of the advanced phonograms, the sounds they say, and sample words from the Wise List in which they're found as well as pictures of several fingergrams for Wise words to help the teacher with this valuable teaching tool.

Spelling Dictation Guide

A laminated 4 1/4" x 11" card stock bookmark with spelling dictation help for the SWR Teacher.

One side includes a quick reference for the spelling dictation procedure while the other side includes examples of each of the different "Think to Spell" situations discussed in SWR.

A must-have for any SWR Teacher, new or experienced!

Dry Erase Board

This handy dry erase board is 9 X 12 and includes an extra long lasting dry erase marker.


It features 5 lines for writing on with dotted half lines and a total of a one-inch writing area.

It can be used by children to take words from dictation, for phonogram quizzes, and for spelling quizzes.


For spelling dictation I use it for the part where the student is to dictate the word back to me. 


Dry Erase Board


Spelling Quiz and Test Tablet - Primary

You won't want to be without these unique Spelling Quiz Tablets. 


This 60 sheet tablet is spiral bound and 4 x 11 inches long. Each has a dotted midline for a total writing space of 3/8 of an inch, which is the exact same size as the Primary Learning Log.


There is space for 26 words and a blank back so that your students could write a sentence from dictation—the long way, should you choose to add that as part of your quiz.


Keep shopping if you need a quiz tablet without dotted half lines for upper grades.


Spelling Quiz and Test Tablet - Upper Grades

This 60 sheet tablet is spiral bound and 4 x 11" long. The spacing of the lines is college ruled which make these tablets good for children 3rd grade and up who no longer need the dotted half lines. 

The tablet would work nicely for any child working in the Black Learning Log. The width of the writing space is 1/4 inch.


There is space for 34 words.



Blank Top Writing Notebook

No longer in stock

The Blank Top Writing Notebook (dotted half lines) would work great with any curriculum, but is especially useful with SWR.

The paper is bound in a sturdy notebook (60 pages) with a blank space for a picture at top and 3/8 inch lined writing space below with dotted half lines that are the exact same size as the lines in the Primary Learning Log. Ideal for children in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade.


I enjoyed helping my children write stories using WISE Guide words. We saved this notebook as a permanent record of their primary grades work. 

Writing Notebook

Writing Notebook - (dotted half lines)

This Writing Notebook would work as a story journal or for spelling quizzes and tests.

The paper is bound in a sturdy notebook 11 by 8 ½ (60 pages) with 3/8 inch lined writing space with dotted half lines that are the exact same size as the lines in the Primary Learning Log.

Ideal for children in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade.




Spell to Write and Read (SWR) by Wanda Sanseri is designed as a the overall step-by-step teacher's guide that accompanies the specific word list in WISE Guide.

Spell to Write and Read (the red book) covers preparation, our philosophy, pointers for preschoolers, reading aloud, evaluating achievement levels. and teaching penmanship with phonograms.

It illustrates in scripted detail our spelling dictation process, covers instructions and examples for the teaching spelling rule reference pages, provides ideas for reading assignments, explains ways to improve comprehension skills, and teaches you how to help refine composition skills.

Appendices include Wanda's Senate Hearing Speech on Literacy, the Diagnostic Spelling Scale, sample Reference Pages, a summary of keys to the language, detailed lesson plan ideas, a bibliography, glossary, and an index.




The Wise Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri is the companion spelling list of words for Spell to Write and Read (the red book).

This foundational vocabulary of 2000 spelling words is divided in The WISE Guide into manageable lessons with two pages of ideas for each set of 20 words.

Each lesson in The Wise Guide (the brown book) has preliminary warm up drills, motivational comments for introducing the lesson, and reminders to teach specific Reference Pages (following instructions in SWR).

Sample sentences are given to illustrate each word. Selections come from the Bible, literature, quotes of famous people, or instructive comments. Each word is divided into syllables and marked for spelling rules. Suggested teacher dialogue is provided.  



The 70 Basic Phonogram Cards by Wanda Sanseri.

These cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make.

The back of each card give detailed information for presenting the phonogram like a master teacher. To avoid confusion in working with the SWR program, do not substitute cards from other systems.

Notice that the card purposefully omits any picture clues or extra information. We want to establish the most direct connection between the symbol and the sound. On the back side of the card is information for the teacher. It includes what she should say for the student and side notes for her personal understanding.




The 70 Basic Phonogram CD with Gary and Wanda Sanseri

The 70 basic phonograms are presented aurally so the student/teacher can actually hear the correct sound of each phonogram.

A practice quiz helps the teacher and student check their ability to hear and accurately produce in writing each phonograms sight-unseen. An answer key to the quiz is provided.




The Spelling Rule Cards by Wanda Sanseri

These unique cards provide a visual memory cue of the spelling rules for easy review and reinforcement.




Basic Primary SWR Bundle

Ideal for preschool to 2nd grade!


$98.00   SWR Core Kit (5 items)           
$10.00   Phonogram Bingo

$12.00   2 Primary Learning Logs     

$20.00   Cursive First   

$20.00   You CAN Do It! - SWR DVD   

$2.00     Large Clock Face for Tracing   

$8.00     Dry Erase Board (dotted half lines)

$3.00    Ticonderoga Pencils w Stetro grip

$3.00    Suggested Reading List

$2.00    Red Pencils

$4.00    Spelling Quiz Tablet (dotted half lines)

$182.50   Total (if purchased separately)

Discounted price for Bundle:

$150.00 + FREE SHIPPING!


Deluxe Primary SWR Bundle

Ideal for preschool to 2nd grade 

$105.00      SWR Core Kit (5 items)

$10.00      Phonogram Bingo   

$20.00      Cursive First             

$12.00      2 Primary Learning Logs 

$20.00      You CAN Do It! - SWR DVD

$2.00        Large Clock Face for Tracing

$30.00       Hidden Secrets SWR DVD Wanda Sanseri    

$5.00        Play By the Sea

$20.00       New England Primer

$30.00       Phonogram Fun Pack

$8.00         Writing Notebook

$8.00         Blank Top Writing Notebook

$5.00         Clock Stamp   

$3.00         Suggested Reading List

$3.00        Red Pencils

$34.00       SWR Cursive Sandpaper Letters

$8.00         Dry Erase Board

$4.00         Spelling Quiz Tablet

$3.00         Ticonderoga Pencils w/ Stetro Grip

$12.00       McCall-Harby Comprehension

$8.00         Beginning Grammar Readers (2 book set)

$40.00       SWR Companion CD Set

$390.00    Total (if purchased separately)

Discounted price for Bundle:

$350.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

Basic Upper Grades SWR Bundle

Ideal for 3rd Grade and up

$98.00     SWR Core Kit (5 items)

$10.00     Phonogram Bingo      

$24.00     2 Black Learning Logs  

$20.00     You CAN Do It! - SWR DVD

$2.00       Large Clock Face for Tracing

$45.00     McCall-Crabbs Reading Comp.

$10.00     Advanced Phonogram Cards    

$3.00       Suggested Reading List

$3.00       Red Pencils

$215.00   Total (if purchased separately)

Discounted price for Bundle:

$190.00 + FREE SHIPPING!


Deluxe Upper Grades Bundle

SWR Core Kit (5 items)

Phonogram Bingo      


2 Black Learning Logs        

You CAN Do It! - SWR DVD

Hidden Secrets -SWR DVD by Wanda Sanseri    

McCall-Crabbs Reading Comp.

New England Primer

Alpha List

ABC’s and All Their Tricks

Advanced Phonogram Cards    

Suggested Reading List

Red Pencils

SWR Companion CD Set


Total (if purchased separately) $335.00

Discounted price for Bundle:


Four Ticonderoga Pencils + One Stetro Pencil Grip


Four Ticonderoga Pencils, One Stetro Pencil Grip

Ticonderoga Pencils are advertised as the "World's Best Pencil" and so far, I haven't been able to find a better pencil.


They sharpen well, write dark, and erase super well!  The eraser is one of the high points of the pencil.  Before we found Ticonderoga pencils my boys were always frustrated with pencils which did not erase properly.  Other pencils would leave marks, and/or tear the paper when my boys erased.  But Ticonderoga erases super clean and easily.


#2 Lead makes a dark, clear mark


Premium Cedar


Latex Free Eraser


Black Graphite Point for Smooth, Easy Writing