A collection of books for read aloud, inspiration, and enrichment.




Genovieva by Samuel Grandjean is the true story of Gevovieva growing up in Romania during the Communist era when it was illegal to be a Christian.  Later she attended university, but was expelled on the basis of her faith.  Because of her expulsion from the university she could not find a full time job and ended up getting a part time job cleaning her church.  The Romanian secret police tried to arrest her every night when she walked home. To avoid this she began to hide and sleep in the church at night. It was during this time that she started a choir for children, which eventually sang in churches all over Romania.


When Songs are Forbidden


When Songs are Forbidden by Genovieva Sfatcu Beattie with Stephen Beattie is the story of the choir Genovieva started in her homeland of Romania during the cruel dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.  She begins with stories of life when she was a young school girl and then moves into the period when she lived at the church and directed the children's choir. There was severe persecution of Christians in Romania for over 40 years and children were often targeted. A great book to read aloud. My children never tire of hearing of Genovieva's courageous life and God’s miraculous Provisions. 

Caught With Bibles


Caught with Bibles by Genovieva Sfatcu Beattie with Stephen Beattie is a high adventure story filled with intrigue and insight into the deceptions of the Romanian communists. It tells the story of Genovieva’s brother, Constantin Sfatcu, a Romanian Christian who was arrested in 1985 for transporting Bibles in his car. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.  Though the story is filled with pain and uncertainty it also includes some lighter moments of Genovieva’s courtship with Stephen Beattie, a British Bible smuggler, who later became her husband.

You Have a Jewish Name


You Have a Jewish Name! by Genovieva Sfatcu Beattie with Stephen Beattie is a painful yet sometimes humorous account of Genovieva’s life as a believer, from her first days at school to her expulsion from the university for her “unhealthy origin.” The book describes different aspects of her persecution by the communist secret police including her imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital. It shows the comfort she received from her father and the strong faith he imparted to her. She wrote this book so that the generations to come will never forget what many believers endured during the Ceausescu dictatorship. It is a reminder that the God of Israel is able to make something beautiful out of suffering. Teenagers and adults alike will benefit from reading this book. The main theme is the faithfulness of the Lord in hard times.

Pocketful of Pinecones


Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola is the fictional account of a mother living in the 1930s, and using Charlotte Mason's methods, particularly her nature study methods. I really enjoy the fact that the story is based on Karen’s experiences with her own children. It reads as a real life homeschooling experience.  The struggles and trials are there, but Carol models loving responses.

When I first started Nature Journaling I was sometimes a bit "frozen" and not sure what to have my children draw.  This book gave me 100 examples of what to look for on a nature walk, along with Latin names for the items. As well, Karen includes study questions and nature poems and verses my children could copy into their nature journal.

God’s Priceless Woman


God’s Priceless Woman is by Wanda Sanseri, who is the author of Spell to Write and Read.

After teaching my children with Spell to Write and Read for several months and seeing their great progress in spelling and reading, I wanted to get to know Wanda better.

I am glad I read God's Priceless Woman as I was nurtured by Wanda in the way God calls older women to help the younger women in Titus 2: 3-5.

I am so grateful for this book and for Wanda's continued friendship!

Advent Foretold


Advent Foretold

We cherish both our Advent Calendar and the companion book:  Advent Foretold by Gary and Wanda Sanseri.  This is a faith building Bible study and a good way to keep your family focused on the true meaning of Christmas. My children look forward to this study each day in December. 


Advent Foretold is a devotional guide for the Christmas season, this book contains readings for every day in the month of December. Selections for December 1-16 focus on sixteen Old Testament prophecies regarding the coming of Messiah while those for December 17-31st center on the fulfillment of these prophecies.

For best use purchase both the book:  Advent Foretold and the Advent Calendar Patterns

Advent Calendar Patterns


Advent Calendar Patterns are designed to accompany Advent Foretold by Gary and Wanda Sanseri.

Included are instructions for making your own wall hanging Advent Calendar with patterns for the pictures and numbers, and a photo of the finished project.

We hang our Advent Calendar near the head of the table.  My kids have fun each day anticipating which picture will come up. I also put the Bible verse that goes with Advent Foretold for the day on an index card in the pocket along with some chocolate treats for the kids, such as m & m’s and chocolate chips.  They get these treats after they read their Advent Foretold Bible verse out loud. 

Nature Bundle


Beinfang Notesketch

small size 8 1/2 by 5 1/2

As the Learning Log for SWR is to the study of our language, so is the Beinfang Notesketch to the study of our natural world.  As our children learn to draw what they see, they truly learn to see the natural world.  This spiral-bound, paperback book combines the best of a notebook and a sketchbook.  With the top half blank for drawing and lines on the bottom for a poem or description of the natural object the Beinfang NoteSketch makes a great nature journal. 


12 WaterColor Pencils

in a box with paintbrush


Your children can both draw and paint with these pencils.  When brushed with water, the bright saturated colors wash evenly over the paper and drawings come alive as beautiful watercolors.  These long-lasting pencils have strong thick leads that resist cracking.  They come in a handy tube with a brush, and a plastic top cover which can serve as a water dish, should you want to turn your pencil drawing into a water color.


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